Smartbro Internet

SmartBro Wireless Broadband Internet is currently offered at P999 per month with a speed of up to 384 kbps - 7x faster than dial-up so you can do more with your internet connection. Get faster downloads, view streaming audio and video content, see and hear your chat mates; all these you can do with a SmartBro Plan 999 subscription.

And not just that, you get Value-Added Services (VAS) and other offers exclusive to Plan 999 subscribers to compliment your fast internet connection so you get more out of your subscription.

The service works by simply installing a SmartBro antenna at your home which is directed to the nearest Smart cellsite to give you the strongest connection signal possible. And once the antenna is cabled to your home computer, you’re instantly connected and ready to chat, e-mail and surf up to 7x faster than the speed of dialup!

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is SmartBro?
SmartBro is the amazing wireless broadband service from Smart. It is a high-speed broadband internet connection that uses the nationwide cellular network of Smart to wirelessly deliver internet service to a subscriber's PC. The "wireless" connection is from the nearest Smart Cellular Base Station to the sub's location where a SmartBro antenna will be installed. There will still be in-house cabling from the antenna to the sub's PC.

The SmartBro technology is called Broadband Wireless Access (BWA). Using the cellular phone network of Smart, SmartBro antennas (called the "Canopy" CPE, or customer premises equipment) are installed in a specific location in your house that receives a certain radio frequency transmitted from the nearest Smart Cellular base station. Provided that the antenna is aligned at "line-of-sight" to receive the strongest signal possible, it will allow any household in the Philippines to now enjoy a high speed internet connection without the need of a physical cable/phone line, which is several times faster than any dial-up internet connection.

SmartBro was launched nationwide on April 23, 2006 , supported by media and below-the-line activities.

Why should I subscribe to SmartBro?
  • Absolutely no need for a phone line, no need to wait for cables to be laid out
  • Nationwidest broadband coverage.
  • It utilizes Smart's extensive Base Station coverage to provide a wireless broadband service from the Base Station to the Subscriber's residence.
  • Antenna can be installed anywhere there is a strong signal association.
  • Anytime, Always-on, unlimited Internet Access.
  • No need to Dial-up to an ISP. No login required (after the initial activation).
  • Best value for money because of its affordable rates.
What are the requirements to get connected to SmartBro?
The Subscriber’s minimum system requirements are:
  • Pentium II or higher.
  • 128 MB of RAM or higher (preferably 256 MB of RAM)
  • Ethernet/LAN Card
  • At least 10GB of Hard Disk Space.
  • Operating System: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Linux and Macintosh.
Are subscribers guaranteed the published speeds?
SmartBro’s published speeds are the maximum possible speeds given in the broadband connection. While the speed can often burst to such levels, there are times when forms of technical interference such as noise, electrical shorts or software problems can interfere with the speed, which are beyond Smart’s control.

Also, certain websites may be suffering from slowdowns as well, especially very busy sites like Yahoo or MSN; as well as graphic-heavy sites such as The servers of most of these major sites are often located in other countries, such as the United States, which can further degrade performance due to the distance the signal must travel.

Furthermore, please note that SmartBro is responsible only for providing the wireless broadband connection up to a single PC. Using multiple PCs can further slow down the speed since the bandwidth will be shared among them.

How long does it take to get a SmartBro connection?
Upon submission and completion of form as well as payment of initial fees, installation will be scheduled within 3 to 4 working days.

How will SmartBro subscribers be billed?
Subscribers will receive a Statement of Account (SOA) by postal mail or courier service, on a fixed billing cycle.

In fact, Smart will open up more payment channels within the next few months, making it even easier for SmartBro subscribers to pay their bills.

What will SmartBro subscribers see in their first monthly bill?
SmartBro bills its subscribers in advance. The subscriber’s payment of the installation fee and first month service fee will trigger the activation of SmartBro. Hence, the first monthly bill will reflect the following month’s service fee.